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Who I Am

The Many Facets of Me

I established this shoppe as a place to house all of my diverse gifts, loves and interests.

We are all born with A Name assigned to our Special Date. I was born on The Day of Spirited Energies. I used The Title of this Special Day to Form the name of my 1st Business! ......


What I Do

I do a little of Everything! I am here to help you Feel Better Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually... They call me a Lightworker, I just Help People Shine a Little Brighter! ......


Why Me?

I have been doing what I do All my life, whether I knew it or not. I was born an Empath and Naturally took to the Profession of Massage and Metaphysics. ......

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  • Patrick Corrigan

    From @Patrick Corrigan, Love these Reviews!! My status from last night after your fantastic massage (Thank you so…

  • Bari Tilley

    September 29, 2016 · "Firstly, the experience I had with Christina was life changing. I came to her…

  • Kjierstin Layton

    September 2016: "I simply cannot put into words the experience I recently had with Christina Smith Stembler. I…


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